Trails & Open Space Committee

Both the 2010 Comprehensive Plan and the A&Y Feasibility Study indicated citizen preference for enhanced recreational opportunities and connection to neighborhoods and amenities. Based on local and regional interest in trails and open space, this being identified as a council priority item, and the need for planning, logistical and budgeting decisions, a Trails and Open Space Committee has been established. To learn more about what is happening with Trails and Open Space in Summerfield, visit the "Trails & Greenway" tab. 

Purpose: Advises regarding greenways, trails, open space, and improving connectivity among neighborhoods and amenities; addresses related policy areas within the Comprehensive Plan.

Duties and Responsibilities: Advise on establishing and maintaining trails and open space within authorized budgetary levels; recommend to the Council land and designated areas to be set apart for use for trails and open space; advise the Council as to controls for and operation of trails and open space which are owned or controlled by the town; recommend to the Council regulatory control, rules, and measures for use of town-owned or town-controlled trails and open space; submit an annual committee budget; advise on the development of cooperative arrangements with other organizations and groups when it will further town objectives related to trails and open space; report to the Town Manager and Council the community’s needs and desires with respect to trails and open space; make recommendations with respect to encouraging proper and safe uses of trails and increased public participation; maintain records and prepare reports of activities and expenditures as requested by the Town Manager and Council; serve as advocates to the community and to the Council in promoting trails and open space as it seeks to enhance the quality of life for Summerfield citizens.

Membership and Criteria: Membership shall include up to nine residents and one ex-officio member—the Town Manager. Other ex-officio membership may be granted to a designated representative of any stakeholder group approved by Council, but does not count toward the nine-voting-member maximum. Knowledge of and interest in greenways, trails, community connectivity, community recreation, environmental-related engineering, and open space; professional experience in one or more of these subject areas.

The committee meets the 4th Wednesday of each month, 6:00pm at Summerfield Town Hall, 4117 Oak Ridge Road.