Frequently Asked Questions


 When is town hall open?

Monday through Friday, 8:30am through 4:30pm, except for holidays and weather emergencies.

 How do I find out if I live in the Town of Summerfield?

The Town municipal limits can be found on the maps under the "Planning-Related Maps" page found by going to "Departments" then "Planning." You may also call the Planning Department at 336-643-8681 to confirm your residence location. The name "Summerfield" in your address, school district, or fire district does not necessarily mean that you live in municipal limits of the Town.

 What are the property taxes?

The property tax is set by each government during the fiscal budget approval process. 

Summerfield residents pay taxes to Guilford County (.7305)Town of Summerfield (.0275), and Summerfield Fire District (combined .131) for a total tax rate of 0.889 per one-hundred dollars of tax valuation. For example: The owner of a $300,000 (tax-value) home would pay the following taxes (2022 rates): 

   Town of Summerfield          (0.0275)=      $82.50 
   Guilford County                  (0.7305)=      $2,191.50
   Summerfield Fire District    (0.131)=        $393.00 
                                               TOTAL          $2,667.00

The tax bill for real property is mailed in July, a pre-payment discount of 0.5% is available if paid by August 31; tax bills are due January 5. Guilford County provides collection services for all real property taxes--you will only receive one bill. 

 How do I rent the Community Center?

In Early 2021, the Town acquired the Summerfield Community Center and surrounding property from Summerfield Community Center, Inc and began renovating the facility. It is now open for rentals. 

Click on the "Departments" tab and then "Parks and Rec" tab. From there you can read about the Community Center under the "Summerfield Community Park" tab or download an application for the Community Center under the "Park Rental Forms" tab. Please call our Parks and Rec Director at Town Hall (336-643-8655) to check availability before submitting form.

 How do I join a committee?

Go to "Introduction of Committees" page under the "Committees & Boards" tab. Download an application or call Town Hall (336-643-8655) to get more information.

 Where do I get newcomer information?

As a newcomer it can sometimes be difficult in finding information about your new community. We hope you find the information, web links, and phone numbers in the document below helpful as you settle in. Here are some links you may find informative:

 How do I find my polling place?

If you are unsure of your precinct location, check with the Guilford County Board of Elections.

   301 West Market St
   Greensboro, NC 27401

 Where are nearby DMV offices?

Driver's License Office

   810A North Main Street 
   Kernersville, NC 27284 

License Plate Agency 

   810J North Main Street 
   Kernersville, NC 27284 

 Where are the local schools?

The Guilford County School Board oversees the operations of all public schools: 

   Public Elementary Schools: Summerfield, Northern, Oak Ridge, Stokesdale, and Pearce 
   Public Middle Schools: Northern, Northwest, and Kernodle
   Public High Schools: Northern and Northwest  

To find your local school: 

There are also two local K-8 charter schools in Summerfield: 

 Where is the post office?

Summerfield Post Office 

   7412 Summerfield Road 
   Summerfield, NC 27358

 Who do I contact for emergencies?

Call 911 for emergencies. 

Summerfield Fire Department is a separate corporate entity that has its own jurisdictional boundaries and tax rate. There are three stations; 7400 Summerfield Road (main office), 1800 Scalesville Road, and 6214 Lake Brandt Road. 

   Summerfield Fire Department 
   336-643-4341 (non-emergency) 
   7400 Summerfield Road

The Guilford County Sheriff's Department patrols and responds to calls for emergency services in Summerfield. 

   District One Sheriff Substation 
   336-641-2300 (non-emergency) 
   7504 Summerfield Road 

This location has a medication collection box. Citizens may drop off unused or expired medications in plastic bottles or bags, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. They ask that you do not drop off liquids, sharps, illegal street drugs, or bio-hazard waste. The pill drop box is designed to accept prescriptions, cold & flu meds, pain relievers, topical ointments, vitamins, and pet meds. 

 Who do I contact for utilities?

These are the local providers in the area: 

Duke Energy (electric power)        800-777-9898
Spectrum                                      855-268-5274
Piedmont Natural Gas              800-752-7504

 Who do I contact for water and sewer?

Summerfield does not have any public water or sewer services. There are many neighborhoods that have "community well systems" that are owned and/or operated by private companies. The most common owner of these systems is Aqua, but please check with your Home Owners' Association. Those individuals that are on private wells and everyone on septic may contact Guilford County Health Department for information regarding testing and servicing these systems. 

Aqua (community wells)


Guilford County Department of Public Health 

Environmental Health, private wells and septic systems

 Who do I contact for animal control?

Animal control is handled through the county (click here for more info); they can be reached at 336-641-5990.

 Who do I contact to report any road issues (potholes, damaged signs, debris, dead animals, etc.)?

Call NCDOT at 336-487-0000 or report the problem the NCDOT website.

 Who do I contact for recreational opportunities?

Visit the Parks & Rec & Events tab for recreational opportunities. Other opportunities provided by outside organizations are: 

  • Summerfield Recreational Association is a non-profit community organization that provides youth recreation for baseball, basketball, softball, and cheerleading. 
  • Spears Family YMCA provides many recreational activities for adults and children. The YMCA is located in northwest Greensboro.