All Aboard! Summerfield Trail of History

Summerfield is currently working on a proposal to extend the A&Y Greenway as a quality-of-life amenity for residents. While the greenway is an area asset in many ways, a primary benefit will be a stronger connection with the town's rich heritage. Detailed information about the greenway project and the latest projected route can be found at this town link.

The All Aboard! video project was a labor of love for a resident and was compiled so that citizens and trail users could learn more about the town's history and become even more excited about the upcoming greenway and opportunities it will provide to visit historical sites. These short videos highlight numerous Summerfield locations of importance, either directly along the greenway's proposed path or at least in close proximity.

The town is especially thankful for Christa Miller and Tyler Keith-Pedersen for their significant and invaluable contributions, along with input from the Summerfield Trails and Open Space Committee and Summerfield Historical Committee. In anticipation of the new section of greenway, the town proudly presents All Aboard! Summerfield Trail of History. To view the videos, click the highlighted video name to link to YouTube and "play all" once the webpage opens. Enjoy and learn!