Trails & Greenways

Residents largely support trails and greenways for recreation and connectivity among neighborhoods and other amenities is a focus within the Summerfield Comprehensive Plan. The Summerfield Trails and Open Space Committee serves as an advisory committee to Council and works hard to accomplish what citizens seek. Development of a continuation of the existing A&Y Greenway is a significant work in progress that is intended to run through Summerfield, generally following the route of the abandoned Atlantic and Yadkin Railroad, and a short section is currently in use within the town limits.

The existing A&Y weaves its way from downtown Greensboro, north through Bur-Mil Park (5834 Bur-Mil Club Road), across Lake Brandt, and across Strawberry Road. The Anna Long Marshall Wayside parking lot (4310 US-220 North) serves this northern leg. North of this lot, the Summerfield Vine Trail is an additional spur. (This trail is public, although trails internal to The Vineyards community are private.) Farther north, the pedestrian tunnel is now open with a sidewalk on the west side of the tunnel that connects trail users safely under US-220 to Summerfield Road. In 2020, the town acquired the lot at the end of Summerfield Road, which is now Summerfield Road Trailhead.

The much larger "A&Y Summerfield South" project will also begin on the west side of the tunnel, but will instead immediately turn south, then west into beautiful watershed woodlands, exit onto Summerfield Road south of Auburn Road, and the remaining southern section will roughly follow the abandoned railbed along Summerfield Road. This segment will end at Medearis Street north of Summerfield Community Park. The Medearis Street Trailhead (1001 Ayers Lane) is a gravel parking lot that's accessible from Medearis Street; it will put greenway users in close proximity to restrooms at the park amphitheater. The latest projected alignment is illustrated within the links below. The greenway has been designated as part of the state-wide Mountains-to-Sea Trail.

This greenway continuation has been largely designed and engineered by Stewart, a North Carolina greenway specialist, but much still needs to be completed regarding right-of-way and details. The greenway has been awarded significant right-of-way and construction funding by NCDOT and construction is planned to start in 2024. While considerable planning has occurred, it is far from a "done deal" and citizens will continue to have opportunities to weigh in and shape Summerfield's connectivity. As the Town's trail plans solidify, its adopted plan will be updated to reflect local and regional changes. The intent is for the A&Y to be the major backbone of the trail system with smaller, more natural trails connecting to it, along with the proposed Piedmont Greenway that would further connect citizens to a regional network.

Another exciting project is Bandera Farms Park, a 120-acre site along Bunch Road, I-73, and Reedy Fork Creek as part of a multi-jurisdictional conservation effort. More detailed info can be found here. The property has long been called Bandera Farms and it will be a critical part of the future Piedmont Greenway. The site will be developed as an equestrian-focused trails preserve and funding has been secured. More information is available within the media release listed below and through the Piedmont Land Conservancy

2023 is designating as Year of the Trail by NC legislature. More detailed info can be found here


Town Manager: Scott Whitaker

(work) 336-643-8655    (email) 


Important maps and links:

All Aboard! Summerfield Trail of History

Mountains to Sea Trail Interactive Map (Select segment 8 to zoom into Summerfield)

Mountains to Sea Trail Detailed Segment 8 Link

8/2018 A&Y Greenway South route.jpg (outdated but provided for reference)
8/2018 A&Y Greenway South route.pdf (outdated but provided for reference)
7/2022 Greenway & Trail Plan.pdf (concept map of area greenway and trail plans; shows big-picture routes)
10/2023 A&Y Greenway South route-vertical.pdf (latest route but revisions expected)
10/2023 A&Y Greenway South route-horizontal.pdf (latest route presented but revisions expected)
10/2023 A&Y Greenway South presentation.pdf (Kimley-Horn's public presentation to stakeholders)