Potential De-annexation of 978 Acres

3-15-24 update: Following recent Senator Berger comments about his current support of de-annexation, Council's efforts to defeat HB5 have intensified. Per Council's direction, there’s a new web header (green bar near the top of the homepage) entitled “Saving Summerfield.” Within it are three separate pages under development and Council is directing content here.

10-12-23 update: When the OSM-V text amendment was passed 10/5, Senator Berger's office immediately knew about it (a town lobbyist attended the joint town meeting) and conversations have been on-going. To further those communications to the General Assembly, Mayor Sessoms sent two emails to the legislature this week. One went to all Senate and House members and a similar one went to President Pro-Tem Berger and Speaker Moore and requested removal of the HB5/de-annexation item from the legislative calendar. Those emails are linked below.

9-29-23 update: The proposed OSM-V text amendment materials (staff report and draft UDO language) for the 10/5/23 joint meeting was added to the town site in two places: 1) Council Meeting Documents; and, 2) Planning Board Meeting Materials.

9-28-23 update: There will be a joint Planning Board and Council meeting (with public hearings) October 5 to consider an OSM-V zoning district. Meeting details are on the town calendar. Consideration of this text amendment is part of negotiations to avoid de-annexation. The proposed text amendment will be on the town website as soon as the final draft is available.

9-18-23 update: Council held an emergency meeting and announced that negotiations were continuing and the General Assembly's de-annexation vote had been delayed. As part of the on-going efforts, Council adopted three related resolutions (linked below).

9-16-23 update: The town released a media statement (linked below) entitled "De-annexation, Negotiations, and September 18 Meeting" from Mayor Sessoms.

9-13-23 update: House Bill 5 was introduced late 9/12, it already passed the Senate 9/13, and the full House bill is attached below. This is a link below to all House representatives (to make copying/pasting easy).=

9-12-23 update: The town received the attached letter (link below, along with a media release) from the NC General Assembly’s Phil Berger. It further validates the senator’s commitment to de-annexing 973 acres from the heart of Summerfield.

Mayor Sessoms is trying to secure a direct meeting with Senator Berger to address any misunderstandings about the town’s efforts to affect a better outcome. This letter is more about housing than public safety—understand that the town has been under contract since last winter to drastically improve water availability for fire protection. Know that Council, land-use attorneys, and lobbyists have been working diligently to avoid de-annexation. We will keep citizens abreast of any updates as they are available.

3-4-23: At the end of a March 4, 2023, emergency meeting, Mayor Sessoms made a statement on behalf of Council. The attachment is the final, signed statement. Given that it is scanned, the link is not embedded. The following link is for the contacts referenced at the end of the statement: