De-Annexation Update Press Release


July 3, 2024 


The Town Council of Summerfield acknowledges the recent decision by the General Assembly to pass a bill resulting in the de-annexation of nearly 1,000 acres of our town’s land. This decision, primarily benefiting a single developer, has been made despite the Council’s efforts to negotiate terms that would serve the best interests of the entire community and lobby the General Assembly against such drastic action.

This de-annexation has been a battle for a long time and the friction with this specific developer even longer. We’re disappointed and disheartened by this government overreach. We wish to assure the residents of Summerfield that the Council is taking this matter seriously and is actively exploring all available avenues to address the repercussions of this de-annexation. Our priority remains the well-being and prosperity of our town and its people.

The Council would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who have and continue to spend countless hours supporting and rebuilding this beautiful, spirited community. Your dedication and hard work are the backbone of Summerfield's resilience.  United, we will ensure that Summerfield remains "Respectful of the Past and Focused on the Future." 

Tim Sessoms

Lynne Williams DeVaney

Heath Clay

John Doggett

Jonathan Hamilton

Janelle Robinson