Land Use Plan Public Meeting

The Town of Summerfield is developing a Land Use Plan to achieve sustainable land use patterns. It is necessary to understand the deeply held values that frame how interest groups believe that alternative visions of development will affect them and their community. The framework of this planning process is to identify and account for the goals and values of interest groups with a stake in the land development process; establish a land use planning program that integrates community-based information with a collaborative planning process to create consensus-based plans for a sustainable future; and to monitor and evaluate how well land development outcomes make progress toward sustainability.

Stakeholder participation is essential to developing a quality, durable plan serving the citizens by addressing community, livability, mobility, equity, and sustainability. Please help develop a plan to guide Summerfield to its envisioned future.

The first of three public meetings will present information on existing conditions, including maps, graphs, and data tables, and to identify the conflicts that arise among different current and future land uses.


Revolution Academy 3800 Oak Ridge Road SummerfieldNC  27358