Zoning Board

The Summerfield Zoning Board meets the fourth Monday of each month, 7:00pm at Summerfield Community Center, 5404 Centerfield Road. However, this meeting will begin at 6:00pm with a UDO work session.

Note: In order to implement recommended social distancing measures, this meeting will be open to limited media and closed to the public due to COVID-19, although the public will be allowed to attend briefly for public comment and public hearing purposes. It will be streamed live on the town’s Facebook page and the audio recorded for public access. 

* The town will accept both general and rezoning public hearing-related public comments (limited to 3
  minutes) one of two ways:

  1. The public can send an email to clerk@summerfieldnc.gov no later than noon, 6/22. The subject line must  
         read either “General public comments for 6/22 meeting” or “Rezoning public hearing comments for 6/22
         meeting.” The submitter is asked to include his or her name and address for documentation within the
         meeting minutes. Comments should be readable within 3 minutes and will be read aloud during the
         appropriate meeting time; or,
  2. Speakers can wait outside and one person at a time will be allowed to enter the meeting room to make
         comments at the appropriate time(s).


Agenda packet can be found here.


Summerfield Community Center 5404 Centerfield Rd SummerfieldNC  27358